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About Life@INC

Student Life

The department of Student Life, within the division of Student Affairs, is a partner in the educational process and serves to fulfill the mission of student leadership program of INC.

  • Engages students in active learning and encourages healthy lifestyle.
  • Prepares students for leadership roles within the University and future work/ community settings

Enhances the educational environment by promoting, educating, and facilitating campus-wide understanding of students' rights responsibilities and freedoms.
Student Life creates opportunities for students to clarify and challenge their values, potentials, roles and relationships within the University, the greater communities and global society.
Our goal is to help students in creating an integrated and coherent leadership experience that enhances their knowledge and is connected to their future prospects.
Students at INC take a full part in a wide variety of recreational activities, many of which are organized by the students in coordination with student life department. They perform a variety of roles from arranging charity campaigns to organizing Sports Week . All in all, the Student Life Department makes a major contribution to ensure that INC remains a happy and well-run community.
INC also has a lively artistic community. Students regularly arrange stage plays in the College and take part in larger productions outside the college.
The entertainment Society organizes talent shows and promote students innate creative abilities and often invites professional musicians. It further envisions in creating week-long Arts Festival with open-air plays, concerts, film nights, poetry readings, exhibitions and moots and debates.

Professional life poses challenges and many problems. Students naturally experience a wide variety of personal and academic concerns; individual counselor assists these students in clarifying their issues, examining the solutions they have employed and developing new coping strategies in order to acquire the skills needed for effective learning. Many students benefit from individual counseling at some point in their professional college life. Individual counseling provides counseling support to student through their adjustment period, thus contributing to the enrichment of their emotional, social and academic potential

The Clubs and Societies play an important role in extracurricular activities. Participant's involvement in diverse clubs and societies can be one of the most enriching aspects of the university experience. In fact, clubs and societies are a wonderful place to socialize, build leadership skills, and meet people who share interests similar to others.
Our Blood Donor Society, being one of the most active and well established society regularly set ups blood donation camps and celebrates blood donors day with zeal. Collaborating and coordinating with many renowned foundations, this society aims to create blood donation culture in Pakistan.
Literary society came into being when once a diverse culture was witnessed at INC. Students from various backgrounds exchange their thoughts through words and the power of ink.

The mission of the office of Student Clubs and Organisation is to foster an environment of leadership, camaraderie, collectiveness, engagement, involvement and sense of working towards a common goal by encouraging students to start clubs and organisations in the categories of academics, service, sports and interests.

Our Go ahead, get plugged into campus; you're a Miner for life.

INC Sports Club Organizes sports week every year. Students and Faculty of INC physically participate in it. Awards and prizes are distributed among the winning teams and participant to acknowledge their efforts.
There is equal opportunity for members of the College to participate in sports whatever their level of competence is. There are men and women, football, badminton, cricket, tennis, netball, basketball, athletics and many indoor games.