Free Medical Camp

Health facilities for majority of rural population of Pakistan are very poor. The private sector does not find it financially viable to set up medical facilities in villages. The Basic Health Units and Rural health centre set up by the provincial and district governments in some villages, mostly have no doctors and the patients are left to the mercy of dispensaries or quacks. Resultantly, there is rise in mortality rates as well as increase in incidence of diseases

Islamabad, Capital territory of Pakistan has population of 1.8 Million out of which 34.28% lives in Rural Islamabad. Rural Islamabad has 12 Union councils comprising 133 villages. There are 12 BHU’s and 3 RHC working under the health department of ‘Islamabad Capital Territory Administration’, Ministry of Interior. These health facilities are not sufficient to cater the needs of population of this area (0.7 Million approx.),  resultantly Health Indicators of ‘Rural Islamabad’ shows higher morbidity and mortality ratios as compared to ‘Urban Islamabad’

Dr Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital (ANTH) is 500 bedded tertiary care hospital. It is affiliated hospital of Islamabad Medical & Dental College (IMDC). ANTH aims to provide high quality health care facilities to the community through “Community Outreach program”. Under this program ANTH/ IMDC has arranged 6 medical camps with the help of local community leaders. These camps targeted socially and economically vulnerable people who rarely get opportunity to consult doctors or medical specialists In addition to free medical camps in community, ANTH/ IMDC is also offering comprehensive health care services to all students studying in partner schools of “school health program”. Short term objective of this program is to provide health screening and health education to approximately 20,000 school children of rural areas of Islamabad in 1 year and long term objective is to provide comprehensive health care to enrolled students and their families.

Activities till 13 Jan, 2017:

  • Commencement of Community Outreach program 18th Nov, 2016
  • Medical Camps
Sr. No Location No. of Patients Pediatrics Gynaecology Medicine & allied Surgery & Allied Ophthalmology
1 Nai Abadi, Bhara Kahu 415 108 39 220 48
2 ANTH, Bhara Kahu 230 52 14 111 37 16
3 ANTH, Bhara Kahu 288 92 15 73 73 35
4 Simli Dam Road, Bhara Kahu 300 98 30 89 51 32
5 Ghora Gali 592 66 26 326 158 16
6 Simli Valley, Phulgaran 229 50 5 120 51 3
  Total 2,054 466 129 939 418 102